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The computer in your pocket is more powerful than the supercomputers in use when smartphones were invented. Yet I'm guessing you are only using 10% of its creative potential. This masterclass will show you how...


In 2002 I was tasked with researching the idea of introducing "video journalism" to the RTÉ Newsroom. Video Journalism was the growing trend of journalists shooting and editing their own news reports for TV.


In 2006 I trained with the BBC as a media trainer and subsequently began training journalists to shoot and edit. 

In 2007 when Steve Jobs introduced the iPhone I had no idea how much it would disrupt tv news or indeed create an entirely new media ecosystem. Looking back now on my near 20 years in television its hard to ignore the key steps in the evolution of smartphones that have brought us to where we are today.  

Over the last 8 or so years I have travelled the world teaching journalists, pr and communications professionals, business owners, social media teams and educators how to use their smartphone to create PROFESSIONAL quality content with their smartphones. I have trained thousands of people in Europe, the Middle East and the US and have been fortunate to have spoken at some of the leading technology conferences in the world on the topic.

I've always felt though, that the learning environment in most cases is sterile and bland. For several years I have wanted to create a new learning experience which would immerse the trainees in the complete ecosystem of smartphone creativity. 

At the annual mobile journalism conference we organise I discussed this with fellow trainer Mark Egan, who trains for the European Broadcasting Union, how a mixed learning environment, one full of colour, sound, taste, experience and culture would inevitably be more effective and a better experience. So mojofest tours were born. A 5 day mojo masterclass, on the move, while exploring some of the most spectacular scenery and cultural experiences in Ireland.

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Mojofest Ltd is a training and events company established by Glen and Fiona Mulcahy. After working in broadcast for nearly 20 years Glen left his role in RTÉ and decided to go full-time into training and events. Each year we hosts Mojofest, an international festival for smartphone content creators and mobile journalists. Details of mojofest 2019 will be published soon on


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